Air Force One with Howie Franklin April 15th

Southport, 7 - 9 p.m.
Through the administrations of Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, Howie Franklin served more presidents aboard Air Force One than any other Steward.  Currently the Director of Cape Fear Regional Jetport at Howie Franklin Field, Mr. Franklin will share some of his most interesting, behind the scenes stories, of the leaders of the United States.    
The program will be held at the Southport Community Building, 223 East Bay St., Southport. Program is free, call the Museum at (910)457-0003 to register. 

Maritime Day - Girl Scout Council Event - April 12, 9:00 a.m. - noon

Girl_Scout_LogoThe NC Maritime Museum at Southport will host the region's first Girl Scout Council "Maritime Day." Working with local and state partners, such as: Brunswick Town / Fort Anderson, Fort Fisher, NC Underwater Archaeology, Fort Caswell, Southport Historical Society, the crew of Solomon T, and the Southport Sail and Power Squadron, the Museum will offer stations with hands–on activities. From candle dipping and Colonial games, to painting pirate flags and ship models, the girls will learn about the Lower Cape Fear's natural and cultural maritime history. Each Girl Scout will earn an activity badge and experience an opportunity that is educational, energetic, and engaging! Fee: $10.00/person. All registrants will need to go the council website- or call 800-284-4475.  

"Hello Girls!" Women and World War I

Southport - March 18, 7 - 9 p.m. Third Tuesday Evening Adult ProgramLeRae

Join the NC Maritime Museum at Southport as we welcome LeRae Umfleet to discuss the roles women played in WW1. Bi-lingual telephone operators, Navy and Marine Recruits, bandage wrappers, nurses, and munnions workers – women crossed traditional roles while maintaining the cult of domesticity to be independent and patriotic supporters of the United States during World War I. These avenues for participation ushered in an era of progressivism for American Women. Before Rosie the Riveter there were the 'Hello Girls.' The program will be held at the Southport Community Building, 223 East Bay St., Southport. Program is free, call the Museum at (910)457-0003 to register.

Civil War 150th Commemoration: Cushing’s Raid on Smithville, February 29, 1864

Cushing_sitting_Fonvielle_ImageSouthport - On the evening of February 29, 1864, Lieutenant Commander William Barker Cushing took a small expedition of 2 boats and 20 men up the Cape Fear River intent on kidnapping Fort Johnston's Commanding General Louis Hebert. After the successful destruction of the Confederate ironclad CSS Albemarle, this daring US Navy officer went on to conduct several amphibious operations along the North Carolina coast. Cushing was stationed with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, and commanded the USS Monticello, the purpose of which was to stop blockade runners from entering Wilmington with goods for the Confederacy. As blockading duty could be tedious, Cushing was compelled to spend his time raiding towns and destroying salt works in Confederate control. Many of the Lieutenant's bold plans were too extreme for the Navy to officially entertain, but his risky exploits were successful, ultimately winning great notoriety in the North and infamy in the South.

In conjunction with the Sesquicentennial, the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport, in collaboration with UNCW Professor of History Dr. Chris E. Fonvielle, is installing a permanent video display focusing on Lieutenant Commander Cushing's raid on Smithville.  

Photo credit: Chris Fonvielle, Jr.

“The Marines of Montford Point: Fighting for Freedom”

February 18, 7 - 9 p.m.

Third Tuesday Evening Adult ProgramMonfort_Point_Marines

Southport - The North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport welcomes Dr. Melton McLaurin as he offers an overview of the racial discrimination faced by America's first black Marines, both in the Corps and the civilian world, from World War II to Vietnam and their faith in and contributions to American democracy. Professor Emeritus UNCW Department of History Dr. McLaurin is the author or co-author of ten books and numerous articles on various aspects of the history of the American South and race relations.

The program will be held at the Southport Community Building, 223 East Bay St., Southport. Program is free, call the Museum at (910)457-0003 to register. 

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